Showbox for PC, Laptop Download on Windows (7/8.1/10)

Download Showbox for PC: Everyday new things are invented to make our life much easier than it is. One such application that not only makes our life easier but makes us lazier (in a good way) is Showbox. Showbox has literally every show and movie you would want. You name it and Showbox has got it! From the latest Game of Thrones episode to the very first F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode back in 1994, you’ll find it all in this amazing app!

Now just like many other apps Showbox can be run on any device, be it your laptop, phone, tablet, PC, and so on! So forget going online every time and typing the show name into Google and waiting for the specific episode to load for several minutes. Showbox takes watching shows and movies to a whole new level!

showbox for pc

Download for Showbox for Windows PC, Laptop:

If you didn’t want to know before now you will definitely want to know how to download showbox for pc. Most people prefer to view shows and movies on their PCs since they have a bigger screen.  Hence, here’s how to download Showbox on your PC!

  • The basic step to downloading any app onto your PC is to have an emulator in your PC. If you already have one you can skip this step. If you do not then BlueStacks app player software is one of the best emulators in the market. It allows you to install and use multiple Android applications at the same time on your computer or laptop.It is recommended by expert Android app developers as well as review critics! If you get graphic card error while installing above included BlueStacks click on Download And Install BlueStacks Without Errors to make relief from troubles.
  • Begin the installation process for BlueStacks after the file has been downloaded, similar to other softwares.
  • Next, download the apk file for Showbox.
  • Open this downloaded apk file with the BlueStacks app player emulator.
  • Install Showbox with the help of the emulator.
  • Voila! Now you can watch your favourite movies and shows anytime and anywhere!

Sometimes after an update Showbox might just stop working suddenly. But there’s an easy solution to this, just download an older version of Showbox. For this you must remove the existing app completely and only then download an older version of Showbox apk. However, don’t forget to turn off the updates for Showbox this time! There’s not much difference between the two versions so it wont affect what shows and movies are available or the quality of viewing them!

Literally everybody nowadays has at least one technologically advanced device that they are addicted to. Be it your cell phone, PC, Mac, laptop etc. Not everyone favours waiting for their favourite TV shows and movies to come on TV and then watching them with constantly annoying ad breaks in between. For TV show and movie junkies like those Showbox is the perfect app! Not only can it be run on ANY device and ANY platform (Android, iOS, etc.) but it also gets updated with the newest shows, movies and episodes instantaneously.

Some Important Features of Showbox Apk:

  • You can watch as old or as new a movie/show as you like. It’s all in there!
  • It works on all platforms be it iOS, Android or Mac.
  • A certain show or movie can now be seen offline, on the go!
  • For people with busy schedules who cannot keep aside specific time to watch their favourite shows, they can now view them while travelling!
  • The instructions given in Showbox are very easy and convenient to follow. Basically it is user friendly!
  • Showbox app gives you free vouchers that can be used to save your money!
  • On the Showbox app you can also earn points which can later be redeemed to get gifts!
  • Shows from multiple languages, multiple regions, from all over the world are present in this app for freely viewing!
  • All the shows and movies are of HD quality.
  • Size of Showbox app is minimum so you don’t have to uninstall any other apps or delete anything to make space for this app.
  • There are no login IDs or passwords required because Showbox doesn’t ask you to login or sign up at all.
  • You can list out your favourite shows and movies or the ones you are planning to watch. These lists will help you keep your shows more organized.
  • There are four different categories under which you can make these lists.
  • There’s a sort button available that helps you to sort out your shows and movies according to your watching needs.
  • You can not only stream shows and movies on Showbox apk, you can even download them for future use and viewing.
  • You can share your favourites with your friends and family too.
  • The picture resolution can be selected according to what is most compatible with the device.
  • Showbox file is just 2.2 mb so it doesn’t cause any trouble on Macs as well.
  • You can select your favourite preferred player to watch the shows and movies on.
  • You get daily updates about the shows and movies on the latest update portal so you wont miss out on the newest episodes of your favourite shows.

They are as easy to watch as easily they are available. And this is perfect even for adults because Showbox not only has new viewing material it also has the old shows and movies, and in good quality! This is why Showbox app download is so popular because it appeals to a larger demographic. You can now watch your favourite shows and movies anytime and anywhere with the Showbox feature that allows you to take stuff offline! Entertainment has never been more easily available, widely accessible and that too for free! So go on and get glued to your devices, Showbox is here to your rescue!

Showbox for PC, Laptop Download on Windows (7/8.1/10)
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Apps Like Showbox – 5 Best Alterantives to Watch Movies

Showbox Alternatives: Showbox has been the leading app in the movie streaming apps category from last few years. But in the year 2015, Showbox was out of reach by everyone for some issues. There was some technical issues like the server down or crashed due to lots of visitors every day. That was the time when other companies took the advantage and made some similar app like Showbox app which we can also call Showbox. So, today here I am shortlisting the top 5 best Showbox alternatives app which you can use and which are better than Showbox.


Yes, Showbox is a great app with great features, and it is like you are having a huge collection of movies on your device if you have this app on your phone or on your PC. The apps that I am going to list down below are very much similar to Showbox that you can say them Showbox alternatives but just one thing is not similar that is the name of these apps. Hope you will like having these apps in your device to watch online movies when you are out of reach from Showbox.

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5 Best Showbox Alternatives and Similar Apps: 

1. Movie Box App: Movie box app is mainly made for iOS devices. This app is having an excellent collection of movies, let it be old or new movies, and the exciting features of this app is that, you will have all types of movies like English, Hindi, Marathi, etc. Not only movies but you can also stream online TV shows in many different picture quality as per your requirements and internet speed. This app is user-friendly and is having very clear features which just impressive to look. You can easily get it installed on your iPhone/iPad from your App store.


2. Crackle App: This is one of the best Showbox alternatives app that you can download on your device without any restriction. You can install this app both on your Android and iOS phone and is very compatible with every type of phone like Windows or Symbian. This app has got a collection of more than 30 million movies and TV shows which you can easily stream online through your phone absolutely for free. In future, this app will also have watch list in which you can store your favorite movies or TV shows for viewing later when you are free.


3. Hulu App: There is nothing much unique in Hulu app but you can easily stream numbers of movies online. For me, this is app has given excellent speed while streaming online movies even though my internet was slow. This app already has a watchlist features where you can add your favorite TV shows and films if you want to watch later on when you are having enough time.


4. Popcorn Time: This app is beautifully programmed and coded for every device like Android phone, IOS, Linux, etc. With this app you can easily stream online movies or TV shows for absolutely free of cost, this app also got videos of different qualities like 320p, 480p, 720p, etc. This app is simple but has excellent collections of movies just like the other Showbox alternatives app.


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5. Playbox HD App: This is the rising app and is also taken as one of the best Showbox alternatives apps till date. Because this app is having features similar to Showbox like streaming movies in HD qualities, watching movies on another device through chrome cast. But many users are complaining that Playbox is not loading faster like Showbox app.


So I have shortlisted all the top 5 best Showbox alternatives app that you can have on your device. This is the top rated alternatives app by many users. I am sure this app will satisfy you in many ways like Showbox do with its features and collection. As I have listed this app according to my personal views, so if you think I have missed out anything then you can suggest me down there in the comment section.

Apps Like Showbox – 5 Best Alterantives to Watch Movies
3.4 (68.91%) 110 votes